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With SP Performance Slotted rotors, you will feel the difference. Its series of slots wipe the surface of the rotor forcing the gases to expel through the slots. The slots also greatly improve wet weather braking by preventing hydroplaning between the pad and rotor.  

The slots on SP Performance rotors are machined to the minimum thickness. This is done to insure that the rotor strength is not compromised, keeping safety and reliability in mind for virtually all automotive cars and trucks. This is a bolt-on, hassle free way to greatly improve your stopping performance

Features and benefits of SP Performance slotted rotors

·         Increased brake pad bite

·         Faster release of brake pad gases

·         Improved wet weather braking

·         Reduced fade

·         Increased Safety and Reliability

SP Performance rotors are available for most cars, trucks, and SUV's on the road to today as well as vehicles no longer manufactured. For a price quote call us at 717-238-9611 or goto the parts request page and enter the rotor you want for your vehicle.

All SP Performance® Rotors are 'direct-fit' bolt-on units. No modification to the OEM braking system is required.

All base rotors are high-carbon, long-grain cast-iron units produced in either North America or Italy.

Proper machining for best looks, fit, and rotor integrity is performed with specific CAD/CAM programming during the manufacture process.

Every rotor is double-checked for runout at the factory to guarantee first-time, no-hassle installation.

SP Performance has the widest variety of applications, Designs and Styles of any major performance rotor manufacturer.

Rotors are available as Standard or Nickel-plated.

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